Research Groups

Principal Investigators              

Structural Protein Science and Hybrid Methods

A1 Roland Beckmann Molecular architecture of a pre-60S ribosomal particle from S. cerevisiae
A2 Elena Conti Structure and function of deadenylation complexes in eukaryotic RNA decay
A4 Karl-Peter Hopfner Dynamic architecture of the DNA double-strand break signaling and resection machinery
A5 Michael Sattler Dynamics and RNA recognition by multi-domain RNA-binding proteins in splicing regulation
A10 Gregor Witte Hybrid method approaches in DNA damage signaling and repair
A11 Bernd Reif Structural analysis of TIA-1 induces stress granules

Advanced Imaging and Crosslinking Methods

C1 Heinrich Leonhardt Dynamics and topology of DNA repair
C3 Don Lamb Investigating DNA double-strand break repair using single-molecule fluorescence microscopy and DNA Origami
C4 Kathrin Lang New chemical tools for structural biology
C5 Franz Herzog Identifying the MAD1 receptor at the kinetochore and is role in checkpoint signaling using a hybrid approach

Associated Groups

  Daniel Wilson Cryo-EM structures of drug-stalled ribosomes
  Naoko Mizuno Cellular and Membrane Trafficking