The GRK1721 offers a unique and competitive training and research network to study structure and mechanisms of “complex macromolecular systems” in genome biology. GRK1721 integrates state of the art structural and functional biology approaches with an emphasis on the further development of structural biology “hybrid methods”. We offer challenging and interdisciplinary PhD projects and an innovative credit based training and mentoring program. The postdoctoral candidate will work on hybrid approaches combining structural biology and mass spectrometry. PhD applicants should have an academic degree equivalent to a Diploma or a Master and should be able to read, write and understand English. Postdoctoral candidates should have a strong interest in method development and expertise with mass spectrometry or structural biology.

10 PhD-student postions (salary 65% E13 TV-L)  - one per project -

1 Postdoctoral Researcher (salary 100% E13 TV-L)

Application is open now!
Please send your application to the GRK1721 office and also indicate in which research group of the GRK1721 you prefer to do your doctoral project. Please note the that there are special requirements for the application to the GRK1721 program. Please click here to see how to apply and what documents you need.